“The Foxy Five TV” on YouTube


I introduce to you a fierce force to be reckoned with. The Foxy Five is a YouTube series that tackles feminism from young black womens perspective.Produced in the city of Cape Town, this series stands out for it’s unapologetic political correctness.

After only one humourous episode you will be emersed in not only feminism, but LGBTQI community exploration as well. They also explore the different types of feminists represented by each of the five girls…from the extremist to the most hippiest feminists. Black men’s role in patriarchy is addressed as well with comparison to white supremacy.

Now something that stands out again with this series is not just that it’s the only one of it’s kind in South Africa, Africa and the world at large.It has a unique 80s fashion theme. These big Afro wearing girls love themselves some denim, along with big loop earrings to complete their look.This theme does a great job with giving the audience a nostalgia they never had. With this in mind you will be glued to the storyline which will further educate one about their role in allowing patriarchy to suppress people in society. Enjoy!

*All photos are mine. “May the rain anchor the wild flowers of peace”


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